A Master Clinician Confronts Stroke

Contact Hours: 5

Seminar Description:

Welcome to A Master Clinician Confronts Stroke. The best way to learn is from a master! Watch Alison Lichy, PT, DPT, NCS, evaluate and treat a real patient she has just met and then discuss her clinical decision-making. Learn why she chooses the tools and techniques she uses as she reviews her evaluation and treatment sessions with Dr. Lewis. Observe proper execution of evidence-based interventions. Five hours of live video put you in the same room with a master clinician demonstrating cutting edge practice. This course will review different options and approaches in the treatment of hemiparesis in chronic stroke and how you can apply this content to your patients with stoke.

Course Objectives

  1. Compare valid tools for assessments of impairments, functional limitations, and disability of the upper extremity, trunk, and lower extremity for hemiparesis in chronic stroke.
  2. Perform a focused evaluation and set goals based on patient’s personal goals using valid objective measures and tool and justification for physical therapy.
  3. Discuss and demonstrate evidence-based treatment tools and concepts for transfers, balance, and gait training.
  4. Implement new treatment ideas for upper extremity hemiparesis.
  5. Confidently prescribe home exercise program and set goals for progression in treatment of chronic stroke.
  6. Understand when and how to use neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

Course Outline

Part I (1:10)

Dr. Lichy performs an initial evaluation on a patient she has never treated before. You will see the subjective intake questions, objective tests and measures for upper extremity, trunk, and lower extremity impairments in a patient with right hemiparesis. You will also see the evidence based tools used to assess sitting and standing balance, and gait dysfunction.

Part II (1:20)

Treatment following the initial evaluation includes innovative upper extremity, trunk, and lower extremity treatment ides in sitting and standing. Creative balance, transfers, and gait training ideas and tools are demonstrated. Progression, treatment ideas and home exercise plans are demonstrated & discussed.

Part III (1:10)

Responding to questions from Dr. Lewis, Dr. Lichy explores her clinical decision making from the initial evaluation through the clinical decision process.

Part IV (1:20)

Explore what and why specific treatments were chosen. Learn how to think about evidence-based practice and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.


Alison Lichy


Carole B. Lewis


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