Functional Standards for Optimal Aging

The Moving Target Screen

Contact Hours: 5

Seminar Description:

Course Objectives

  1. List the 15 assessments that comprise the Moving Target Screen (MTS), determine where patients/clients fit within the norms and cutoffs for these assessments, demonstrate competence in administering these tools, and describe their implications for optimal aging.
  2. List 15 exercises for the remediation of the problems found in the MTS and identify the evidence for using each exercise to address the specific deficit.
  3. Select the appropriate intervention for the problems found on the MTS.
  4. Choose a marketing strategy for the medical and general community.
  5. Identify motivation strategies to exercise adherence.

Course Outline

  • Pretest + Let’s Get Started: What is MTS? (35 min)
  • MTS Eval 1: A 90 Year Old Cougar (36 min)
  • MTS Eval 2: A 73 Year Old Busy, Fit Go-Getter (43 min)
  • MTS Eval 3: A 79 Year Old Retired Professor (51 min)
  • Take Home + Remedies: Exercises for Optimal Aging (39 min)
  • Motivation and Adherence (34 min)
  • Resisters & Interviews (49 min)
  • Marketing Strategies + Post-test (13 min)


Carole B. Lewis


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