Speech Language Pathology with the Aging Adult

Practice at the Top of Your License

Contact Hours: 5

Seminar Description:

This course offers a comprehensive overview of the speech-language pathologist’s potential role in geriatric care and an in-depth look at a myriad of treatment settings and collaborative interdisciplinary team interactions available. The foundation of the course is a systematic review of key conceptual documents and resources that serve as the governing framework and navigational tools that define the breadth of the profession and the clinical reasoning that advances it.

Course Objectives

  1. Define the scope of practice, setting and expansive role of the Speech Language Pathologist working in Geriatrics
  2. Define the dynamic assessment process in geriatric speech pathology practice as it relates to the location and timing of care continuum.
  3. Identify and incorporate the steps of a critical thinking model and the ICF framework when addressing the clinical needs of geriatric residents with communication, cognitive-communication and swallowing impairments.
  4. Differentiate normal aging from pathology within speech language pathology practice.
  5. Demonstrate specific evidence based assessment and treatment strategies to address the comprehensive cognitive-communication and speech production needs of the geriatric patient.
  6. Identify resources to integrate evidence into geriatric SLP practice.

Course Outline

  • Introduction & pre-test (2 min)
  • Let’s Get Started (29 min)
  • Case Study Assessments/Clinical Bedside Evaluation (43 min)
  • Standardized Cognitive-Communication Screening (22 min)
  • Standardized Cognitive-Communication Assessment (45 min)
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Dynamic Assessment and the Clinical Reasoning Process (46 min)
  • Dysphagia Treatment (32 min)
  • Cognitive Treatment: Group and Individual Sessions (41 min)
  • Documentation, Regulation and Top of License Practice (37 min)
  • Conclusion & post-test (2 min)


Charlotte Bianco


Chantal Ciano


Sandra S. Christos


Delle Crowe


Erin Knoepfel


Robert Maxwell


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