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Great Seminars and Books, the company that has brought face-to-face continuing education opportunities to physical and occupational therapists since 1989, launched Great Seminars Online in 2009. In addition to our live seminars and home study courses, we now offer online courses that are every bit as powerful as our face-to-face trainings. Check out our list of Great Seminars Online courses .

Dr. Carole Lewis began Great Seminars in 1989 with the hope of bringing evidence based care to the rehabilitation community. She began her lecturing career in 1984 in Flint Michigan, presenting to 6 students, and now conducts educational courses all over the world. In 1994, Great Seminars became Great Seminars and Books and the publishing component was born. One of the earliest books published The Functional Toolbox (1994) was the first compendium of functional tools published in this country and it is now a classic in rehabilitation programs and departments. Great Seminars and Books boasts over 15 books or learning tools that are easy to use and order. The face-to-face seminar portion has educated over 30,000 therapists and is constantly striving for excellence and participant growth and satisfaction.Great Seminars Online (GSO) began in 2009 after Dr. Lewis and Dr. Laflin, who have been good friends since 1985 when they got their PhD’s together in Health Education at the University of Maryland, started talking about education in the rehabilitation professions. Dr. Lewis felt she could bring the rehabilitation expertise and hoped that Dr. Laflin would bring her educational and technological expertise to develop the best online programs in the world. Dr. Laflin is well known for her outstanding work in technological education; her leadership in this area is unmatched.

GSO courses are exciting, engaging, and interactive, and our format offers unrivaled convenience. Courses include live patient videos, case studies, easy to follow narrated slides loaded with clinical evidence and URLs to take you right to the research articles being described.

GSO is excited to build upon the legacy of Great Seminars. We are writing its history as we progress through our first few years in the hopes of bringing the newest research to you with the most interesting and intriguing methods of delivery. Become part of our history!

Pam Carpenter designed the Great Seminars Online logo after a long process of information sharing about our vision. Green was chosen because it is the most restful color. Green indicates self-respect and well-being. It is the color of balance and symbolizes learning, growth and harmony.The logo was designed to reflect a therapist reaching for knowledge. Our vision is to provide useful information that will help therapists improve their clinical skills. In the process, we hope to build professional confidence and improve patient outcomes.Pam Carpenter has had a long career as both a designer and educator. A graduate of the Master’s program at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills MI, she has headed her own firm for over 15 years, designing and producing graphics for both print and the web, as well as furniture and household objects. For many years she served as an adjunct professor at California College of Art in Oakland and San Francisco, California, and has designed curriculum for elementary and middle school art and art history education. She lives among vineyards in beautiful Sonoma County, California.

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