Mastering Functional Reporting

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Seminar Description:

Physical therapists have a chance to shape the future of reimbursement and patient care NOW, but only if we use the appropriate resources to clearly demonstrate our ability to improve outcomes and decrease health care costs. CMS and insurance providers have begun demanding greater and greater accountability from rehabilitation therapists. Functional assessment, a core skill for physical therapists, is the key to addressing this call for justification of care.

This one-hour course provides information from national experts in the form of 3 real life patient scenarios (high functioning, average functioning and low functioning). Functional assessment options for specific patient conditions are discussed and therapists are introduced to a variety of functional tools. Correct application of these tools in the new functional reporting system introduced by CMS is stressed throughout the program.

We hope you will show this to colleagues and students to expand their repertoire of tools so that they can specifically address individual patient concerns and progress. This program is free of charge and we encourage you to use it and share it.

The purpose of this DVD is to provide an assessment of a variety of functional tools that can be used with older patients. We want to encourage therapists to apply appropriate functional tools to patient care in the most effective way possible and to be able to use the results in their documentation system/

Great Seminars Online has sponsored this course and is distributing it without charge in the hopes that physical therapists will use some of this information to meet the challenge of providing even better health care now and in the future.

If you would like to watch Mastering Functional Reporting without receiving credit, select this version.

If you would like to download the course immediately to your computer, phone or MP3 player, select this version. These days most people find it more convenient to download their music and audio files from the internet, play them on iTunes or Windows Media Player and on a variety of devices. Once in the course, you can hold down the option key on your keyboard and click on each of the tracks to download the audio file and place it in the audio program of your choice.

Course Objectives

1. Identify 10 functional tools that can be used for low to high level patients.

2. Calculate Severity/ Complexity Modifiers and Impairment Limitation Restrictions.

3. Chose an appropriate G-code for low to high

4. Search the internet to find copies of functional tools to be used with low to high level patients.

5. Recognize pros and cons of choosing various functional tools for Medicare patients.

Course Outline

  • Pre-test (5 min)
  • Case examples with functional tools for low, medium and high level patients are presented. The appropriateness and inappropriateness of a variety of functional tools are addressed for each case. Proper ways to calculate Severity/ Complexity Modifiers and Impairment Limitation Restrictions are demonstrated. (45 min)
  • Post-test with feedback & course evaluation (10 min)


Carole B. Lewis


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