Become an Expert in Functional Assessment

Contact Hours: 5

Seminar Description:

This course provides the participant with the most current, reliable and useful functional tools in physical and occupational therapy practice. Practical information about the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)’s 2013 policy con G-codes and complex modifiers used to report physical functioning is included. Video cases of actual patients are used to illustrate the application of functional assessment within the CMS required format. Clinical decision making using the results of functional measurement are integrated throughout.

Course Objectives

  1. Apply the concepts and regulations of the CMS 2013 requirements for documenting functional performance within the G-code and 7-point severity/complexity modifier framework of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF).
  2. Utilize a function-based evaluation approach for older adults with various pathologies and impairments within all settings.
  3. Select and administer reliable and useful functional tests appropriate for a specific G- code.
  4. Objectively document function and responsiveness to intervention.
  5. Interpret findings from reliable and valid functional and impairment assessment tools.

Course Outline

  • Pre-test (10 min)
  • Course introduction – High Expectations: (10 min)
  • G Codes and Modifiers (50 min)
  • Codes and Billing (20 min)
  • Functional Measurement Tools (30 min)
  • Measuring Mobility (35 min)
  • Gait Speed (30 min)
  • Timed Up and Go (15 min)
  • Balance Measures (25 min)
  • Self-assessment Tools (10 min)
  • Case Studies (20 min)
  • Additional Functional Tests (30 min)
  • Post-test with feedback (10 min)
  • Course Evaluation (5 min)


Dale Avers


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